Verticalen (2022 en 2023)

Color studies showned on the online cabinet of my ongoing research of perception @laurahogeweg 

My body became a form - The body is interwoven in objects, light, time and space (2019 and 2020)


Videostill from movementbetweenlilawalls (2019) and detail of 3rd (2020)

Conclusions of an ongoing research of perception: an inquiry of the human body in light, time and space determined by philosophy and dancing.

Since I use my own body as a tool for my ongoing research of perception my works are an extension and reflection of my body in active engagement with light, time and space.

All of the works are silent experiences, you are invited to let you body absorb by forms, textures, colors in relation to light, time and space. 

Through my eyes the world unfolds in a structure with asymmetrical relations of open and closed volumes, wrapped by textures which absorb, refract or reflect light. All embraced by endlesssky.

With all the different media I use I will be able to express the different perceptions in the world which consist of volumes:

Spaces and publications: Negative volume of space 

Sculptures: Positive volume of objects

Reliëfs: Postive volume of a surface 

Paintings: Imaginary volume of a flat surface 

Installation: Postive volumes in relation to a negative volume